How to Set Up an Ethernet Network in Windows XP or Vista

by TS Jordan
Jeffrey Hamilton/Lifesize/Getty Images

An Ethernet network is a traditional wired local network that revolves around a standard networking device such as a router. Configuring your Ethernet network with either Windows XP or Vista is a basic process, owing to the advanced configuration utilities that ship with both operating systems. While the menus might be different, the root process is essentially the same.

Step 1

Plug Ethernet cables into each computer's network port. Connect the other end of each cable to a port on the back of the router.

Step 2

Open the "Start" menu. Click on the "Control Panel."

Step 3

Select "Network Connections" and click "Network Setup Wizard" for XP. Select "Network and Sharing Center" and click "Connect to a Network" for Vista.

Step 4

Choose the type of network you are creating (shared Internet, gateway Internet, etc.) from the onscreen menu and descriptions and enter in "ETHERNET" for the "Workgroup" field. Enable file sharing by checking "Yes" if desired.

Repeat the procedure on all network computers. Restart the computers to complete the network.

Items you will need

  • Router
  • Ethernet cables

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