How to Set Up an Email Address for Straight Talk

By Melissa King

Set up Gmail, Yahoo and other accounts with Straight Talk.
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Once you've activated your phone with Walmart's Straight Talk wireless service, you're ready to set up your email account. Android smartphones, for example, require you to set up a Gmail account before you can use certain Google services and apps. Most phones sold by Straight Talk also support other major email providers, such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and corporate email accounts.

Step 1

Go to your phone's home screen and select "Email."

Step 2

Enter your email address and password, and then tap "Next."

Step 3

Select your account type on the following screen. Tap "Next."

Step 4

Review the settings in the Incoming Server and Outgoing Server fields. For most major email providers, your phone will fill in these settings automatically, so you shouldn't need to change them. Tap "Next."

Step 5

Tap "Next [Check]" to connect to the Internet and verify your account information. If the phone cannot verify your server settings, contact your email service provider for help.

Step 6

Change your account settings, such as download options and email-checking frequency, if desired.

Step 7

Tap "Done" to finish setup. It may take up to 30 seconds for your email to sync to the phone.