How to Sign Up for an eBay Store

by Shelley Frost

After meeting eligibility requirements, registered users open an eBay store by choosing a subscription level and entering a store name. Stores come with a monthly subscription fee and are best for high-volume sellers. Once you open your eBay store, you can start listing and managing your products while marketing the store to maximize profitability.

Signing Up

You need a registered eBay account and verified PayPal account connected to your eBay account to open a basic eBay store. You also need a credit card on file. Go to [Subscribe to eBay Store]( to register. Choose a subscription level. EBay offers three subscription types: basic, premium and anchor. Premium and anchor stores cost more per month, but the fees for each auction are lower and come with more free insertion fee listings per month. An anchor store comes with 2,500 free listings, while a basic store comes with only 150 free listings, as of publication. Insertion fees for auctions are 25 cents for a basic store, 15 cents for a premium store and 10 cents for an anchor store. With all store types, you have the option of signing up for a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. Committing to the full year lowers the monthly cost of the store. For example, a basic store costs $19.95 per month with a monthly agreement, or $15.95 per month with a yearly agreement. Once you choose the type of eBay store you want, enter the name you want in the **Store Name** field, which becomes part of your store’s URL. Click **Continue** to subscribe to eBay stores.

Designing the Store

Your eBay store serves as the virtual storefront for your business. Creating a custom look for your store helps develop your brand and makes the online store look professional and appealing. The store page features a large billboard section across the top and a smaller logo image, allowing you to add custom images for your store. The store description section is another area allowing you to personalize the layout. To edit these sections, go to **My eBay** and choose the **Manage My Store** link on the left side of the screen. Click the **Change** link next to the field you want to edit. EBay store users also have the option of creating listing frames with custom headers and navigation bars to develop the store’s image. To manage listing frames, click on **My eBay**, go to the **Account** tab and choose **Marketing Tools**. Choose the **Listing Frame** option at the left. After making the selected changes to the frame, click **Apply**.

Listing Items

You need inventory in your eBay store to look like a professional business. EBay store owners add items just like any other eBay user. Choose the **Sell** link on any eBay page while logged in to your account. Enter the details of the product just as you would for any auction. The products automatically appear in your eBay store. For bulk listings, eBay provides Turbo Lister and the Selling Manager free of charge. Turbo Lister is a software download available in your eBay store that allows you to create listings while offline, which are later uploaded to eBay in one action. It also allows you to duplicate current auctions and edit listings. Selling Manager is an eBay store online tool used to track auctions and manage listings. Once you create auctions through My eBay or Turbo Lister, you can use Selling Manager to relist items or list similar items. Selling Manager Pro costs extra but allows you to make templates to create new listings.

Running the Store

Opening an eBay store allows you to manage your inventory easily from the store page, but it still takes work to get the store off the ground. Use the featured items option to promote your most appealing inventory. When visitors go to your eBay store, those are the items they’ll notice first. Go to the **Manage Your Store** link under My eBay to select featured items. EBay offers tools to promote your store, including email marketing to customers who subscribe and buttons to share on social networks, such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. To use these promotional tools, go to the **Account** tab under My eBay and choose **Marketing Tools**.

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