How to Set Up a Computer for Gaming

by TrevorM

Computer games are advancing at a rapid rate requiring more and more computer hardware resources. To keep up with these demands, building a computer with high-end hardware will ensure its longevity in the gaming world. Almost all components of the computer are important to gaming, including, memory, video card, hard drive, motherboard and CPU as well as Internet connection and other basic accessories. Although building and setting up a gaming computer may be complicated, knowing what parts you need will hasten the process.

Purchase a fast processor. Processors can greatly impact the quality of your gaming experience, so choosing a fast processor is highly beneficial. Intel and AMD both offer high-speed gaming processors such as the Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom II. Make sure you purchase a compatible motherboard for these processors if you do not already have one.

Purchase extra memory. Memory is another large component of your computers gaming capability. RAM comes in different speeds and sizes. The highest quality RAM currently available is Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM. It is twice as fast as its predecessor Single Data (SD) RAM. Purchasing enough RAM is also important; many games today have minimum requirements ranging from 1 to 2 gigabytes.

Purchase a high-quality video card. If you want to play graphic intensive games, you are going to need a top of the line video card. Some of the leading brands include nViidia Geforce and Radeon. When choosing a video card, make sure that you choose one with adequate amounts of video memory and one that supports pixel shading and directX.

Purchase a large hard drive. Games today are larger than ever do to cinematic clips, audio files and intensive graphics. The good news is that hard drives are also becoming larger and larger. Some hard drives currently available can reach up to 2 terabytes per drive.

Purchase a large monitor. Bigger monitors can give you an advantage in gaming. Using a larger aspect ratio can allow you to see more per frame, such as oncoming enemies. Depending on your video card, some gamers use flat screen TV's as monitors to get an even larger aspect ratio.

Get a fast Internet connection. If you are planning to play games online, a fast Internet connection is paramount. A dial-up modem can significantly hinder your ability to compete with those who have cable and DSL connections.

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