How to Set Up a Comcast Remote to a TV

By Joe Fletcher

Maintaining separate remotes for each of your individual electronics components can be quite a hassle. It's easy to streamline your entertainment system, by controlling several devices with your Comcast remote control. The first obvious step is to sync the remote with your television. While this will require the right code (or some time), it's a relatively simple procedure.

Simple Set-Up

Turn on your television.

On the remote, hit the "TV" key once. This key should be up at the top of the remote.

Hold down the "Setup" button (also on top) until the TV mode button blinks twice.

Locate the code for your TV. If you have no idea, follow the link in Resources for a list of Comcast's lists of codes.

Enter in the first four-digit code listed for your brand. If it's correct, the "TV" button should blink twice. If you enter the wrong code, it will be one long blink and the remote will exit setup mode. You'll have to begin from step 2 and try the next code. Unfortunately, codes are listed by brand and not specific model so it may take several tries to get the right one.

Hit the "Power" button on the remote and your TV should turn off. If it doesn't, repeat the process and try a new code.

Searching for the Code

Search for your television's code. If you can't seem to get any listed codes to work, you can search for the code per the steps above (repeat steps 1 through 3 from the last section).

Enter 9 9 1. The "TV" button should blink twice.

Point the remote at the television and very slowly switch between hitting "TV" and "Power". This process will prompt the remote to send pre-programmed codes to your TV. Eventually, the TV should turn off when the right code is found.

Hit the "Setup" button to get the code locked in. The "TV" button should blink twice. Try turning the TV on to make sure that the remote is now working with it.

Finding the Code

While section 2 set up your remote, you probably want to know what the code is in case you need it again in the future, particularly if it took a long time to search. First repeat steps 1 through 3 of section 1.

Enter in 9 9 0 and the TV button should blink two times.

Press "1" and the TV button should blink after three seconds. Pay attention to the number of times it blinks and record the number--this is the first digit of the code. If it doesn't blink, the digit should be 0.

Enter in "2", and wait for the TV button to blink, then "3", and "4" one by one to get the remainder of the four-digit code. Record this and keep it in a safe place.