How to Set Up CenturyTel Voice Mail

By Mandy Slake

Voice mail allows callers to leave messages when you're not at home. Subscribing to voice mail with your carrier eliminates the need to use an answering machine that might run out of tape or memory or stop working when the power goes out. CenturyTel has rebranded itself as CenturyLink. You can set up your CenturyLink voice mail by dialing a voice mail access number and following the prompts.

Locate the voice mail access number for your CenturyLink phone number using the CenturyLink Voice Mail User Guide (see Resources). Enter the first seven digits of your phone number, then click the "Submit" button.

Call the voice mail access number and type in your access code. The system will play a short tutorial that will walk you through setting up your mailbox.

Record your name, greeting and new access code when prompted by the system.