How to Set Up CenturyTel Email

by Kate Moody
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CenturyTel and EMBARQ, now operating as CenturyLink, announced plans in late April 2010 to buy Qwest as well. CenturyLink Webmail can be accessed from any computer with an Internet hook up. You can set up your personal email client on your own computer that will download email directly onto your hard drive.

Windows Mail

Step 1

Windows Mail software can deposit your email right on your hard drive.

Click on the "Tools" menu in Windows Mail and choose "Accounts." Click "Add" on the box that opens Then choose "Email account" and click "Next."

Step 2

Fill in your email address in the box (i.e. and click "Next."

Step 3

Make sure the "Incoming Mail Server" drop-down menu is set to "POP3." Fill in "" in the box.

Step 4

Fill in "" in the "Outgoing Mail" box. Check the box for "Outgoing server requires authentication" and click "Next."

Fill in email username (i.e. "JaneDoe") in the box in the next window. Fill in your password and check the box stating "Remember Password." Click "Next" and then "Finish."

Windows Live Mail

Step 1

Windows Live Mail is supported on Windows 7.

Open Windows Live Mail and click on "Add email account" at the bottom of lower left-hand menu.

Step 2

Fill in your email address and password in the boxes that open, click the box "Remember password" and fill in the title of your email account (i.e. "Jane Doe"). Click on the box to "Manually configure server settings for an email account" and click "Next."

Step 3

Leave "Pop3" in the drop-down menu in the subsequent window. Enter "" in the box under the "Pop3" menu. The "Port" box should already be filled in with "110." Choose "Clear text authentication" from the "Log on" drop-down menu. Fill in your login ID, which is the first half of your email address before the "@" symbol.

Step 4

Fill in "" in the outgoing server information box. The "Port" box should already be filled in with "25." Check the box stating that "My server requires authentication." Click "Next."

Click the box to "Set this account as the default mail account" if you wish this account to be your primary address and click "Finish."


Step 1

Webmail can be accessed from any computer.

Access the CenturyLink website to add an email account. Click on "My Account," select "Settings" and choose "Username Management."

Step 2

Click "Add Username" and type in the first half of your desired email address (i.e. JaneDoe). Type in the first and last name of your account (i.e. "Jane" and then "Doe"). Type in your desired password and click "Save."

Step 3

Go to your CenturyLink home page to read your mail. Open your email account using your username and password. Webmail will open your inbox by default.

Select a message by clicking on it, and the full message appears in the reading pane.


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