How to Set Up CaptiveWorks FTA Receivers

By Ben David

The CaptiveWorks FTA receiver allows you to receive and watch free-to-air satellite signal programming. Free-to-air programming is distributed without being encrypted. The CaptiveWorks receiver has an internal memory that is expandable to 8 GB, a 1 GB flash drive and a Sempron 3000+ processor. The receiver also has connection ports for VGA/HDMI or DVI/component/S-video for use with most digital format TVs. The initial setup of the CaptiveWorks FTA receiver is a fairly straightforward one.

Step 1

Press the “Power” button on the front of the device to turn the CaptiveWorks receiver off.

Step 2

Connect the CaptiveWork FTA receiver to the TV by plugging the RCA connector cord into a digital audio port in the back of the receiver and the other end into the RCA connector port in the TV. Or plug an analog audio cord into the green 1/8-inch minijack port on the back of the receiver and the other end into the 1/8-inch minijack port in the TV. The type of cord used depends on the type of TV you have.

Step 3

Plug the satellite cord into one of the two “Satellite” jacks on the back of the CaptiveWorks receiver.

Step 4

Press the "Power" button to turn the receiver on. The display settings screen appears on your TV screen.

Step 5

Select the desired primary video connection, display resolution and aspect ratio from the options listed on the “Display Setup” screen using the “Up/Down” arrow buttons on your remote control. These settings need to match up with the video capabilities of your TV. Consult your TV manual for the appropriate settings here.

Press the “Power” button to turn the receiver off, and then press the “Power” button again to restart the receiver for the settings to take effect.