How to Set Up Caller ID on a Computer

By Heather Topham Wood

If you spend a lot of time on your PC, having your phone's caller identification appear on your computer screen is convenient. Caller ID on your PC can save you a trip to your phone if you are screening your calls.

Find a free caller ID software program for computers. YAC works with Windows operating systems and can be downloaded from the Sunflower Head website. In order to download YAC, you will need Windows 2000 or later, a compatible caller ID enabled modem and a subscription to a caller ID phone service.

Download YAC and launch the application. To keep caller ID on at all times, include it as a start-up program. Once you receive a call, a window will appear at the bottom of your computer screen with the caller's name and number.

Purchase hardware to set up caller ID on your PC. Yes Telecom produces the Identifier, a small box that connects your phone line to a USB, Ethernet or serial port on your computer.

Install the caller ID software included with the Identifier. The software has more advanced features that the free YAC program. Run the CD-ROM and launch the application. The software documents all incoming and outgoing calls for easy PC access. You can save all of these phone records for personal or business use.