How to Set Up Call Forwarding With Telus

by Mary Jo Megginson
cell phone full view image by Melking from Fotolia.com

Call forwarding is a useful option for a phone owner who will be unable to answer his phone for a certain period of time. When activated, all calls to your phone number are connected directly to the phone number you have designated, and your phone will not ring at all. Customers of Telus, a Canadian wireless company, can set up call forwarding with only a few simple steps.

Step 1

Turn on your phone.

Step 2

Dial "*72."

Step 3

Wait for three beeps then a second dial tone.

Step 4

Enter the phone number to which you wish to have your calls forwarded. When that phone is answered, either by a person or voice mail, call forwarding is activated. This is signaled by an intermittent dial tone.

Deactivate call forwarding by dialing "*73" and waiting for two beeps.


  • Telus call forwarding can also be set up to forward calls only when you are already using the phone or when there is no answer on your phone. See Resources for more information.


  • If the phone number you are forwarding your calls to has a busy signal or no answer during setup, call forwarding will not be activated.
  • Long distance charges will apply if the phone number to which you are forwarding your calls is outside of your local calling area.

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