How to Set Up a Blog

by Ian Moore

Creating a blog is the perfect way to get your thoughts down without having to grab a pencil and paper. Blogs are easy to create and even easier to post material on. Blogs can be an avenue to vent if you had a hard day, or just a place to give your observations on life. Connect with thousands of people over a network and let everyone read what is on your mind.


Choose a blog hosting site such as Blogger. Most blog sites are free and are very easy to use.


Come up with a unique name for your blog. Think of something that sums up what you will be writing about on your blog. The blog website will tell you whether your name is available or not.


Think of a theme for your blog. You can write about personal issues, create poetry and short stories, deliver opinions or a combination of all of these topics.


Write in your blog frequently. You do not have to update it every hour or even every day, but try to update it at least a few times a week. Blogging is a tool that can relieve stress and may improve creativity.


Post the link to your blog on your website. Send it to friends or keep it private if you do not want anyone to read the content. Linking your blog to a potential employer is helpful way to get them to understand your writing style.


  • check Copy and paste your blog post into Microsoft Word and run a spell check if your blog does not have this feature.
  • check Follow other user's blogs and build up a network.


  • close Never post anything that is too private. Chances are someone will come across it.

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