How to Set Up AutoTweet for Twitter

by Lisa Russell

Twitter is a microblogging platform similar to an instant messaging program. You can set up your twitter account to automatically notify (tweet) your followers whenever you post a new blog entry. Learn how to set up auto tweet so that your blog rss feed will automatically post to twitter.

Setting up an Auto Tweet to Send Your Blog RSS Feed to your Twitter Account

Join Twitter. Send a post to your twitter account, and set up your profile. Upload a picture of yourself (they resize) and start following your friends. You will see each tweet your friends post to twitter and they will be able to follow you and see your tweets, too.

Create an open ID. Chances are, you already have one and you just don't know it. If you're using AOL, Blogger, Flickr, LiveDoor, Live Journal, Orange (France Telecom), SmugMug, Technorati,Vox, Yahoo or WordPress then you already have an open ID. Log on to whichever site you use and then move on to the next step. Soon you'll be able to send your blog RSS feed to your twitter account automatically.

Visit and log on using your open ID. Follow the on-screen instructions for inputting your blog rss feed. You will be prompted to enter introductory words, too.

Post to your blog. In time (the amount of time you specified when setting up your twitterfeed account) your blog rss feed will auto tweet your twitter account. This will happen regularly, at the intervals you specified in the previous step.


  • check You can add more than one blog rss feed to your twitter account. Set them up to update at different times so your followers don't get annoyed with you.


  • close When using auto tweet, be sure to post regular updates, too. many users will not follow a spammer.

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