How to Set up Another Facebook Account Using the Same Computer

By Ryan Menezes

Multiple accounts can use Facebook on your computer at once.
i Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook restricts you to a single profile of your own, no matter how many computers you use. You can, however, set up a profile for another user on your computer while staying signed in to your own account. Though each browser on your computer accesses one account at a time, you can sign in to Facebook on one browser and create a new account in a second browser. You can then keep both browsers open, sending Facebook messages between the accounts using a single computer.

Step 1

Install a second browser if your computer currently runs just one. Popular choices include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Step 2

Open the new browser and open the Facebook home page. The second browser prompts you to sign up for a new account even if your primary browser is logged in to Facebook.

Step 3

Enter account information using the signup page's text boxes. Type the name of the person who'll use the account, type an email address not associated with any other Facebook account, type a password and select the user's birthday and sex.

Step 4

Click "Sign Up," and then click "Skip" repeatedly until Facebook displays the new account's homepage.

Step 5

Log in to the email account that you selected, and then click "Get Started" to activate the new Facebook account.