How to Set the Time Zone in Outlook

by Chad Davis

In Outlook 2013, you can adjust the current time zone using the Calendar panel in the Outlook Options dialog. You can also add an additional time zone to Outlook if you regularly manage calendars in another time zone. When you send a meeting request to a person in a different time zone, the meeting time displays the local time on each calendar. You can set the time zone for appointments or meetings using the Time Zones command in the Appointment ribbon. When you change your time zone settings in Outlook, your Windows clock settings are also changed.

Change Outlook's Time Zone Setting

Click "File" and then select "Options." Select "Calendar" from the left sidebar in the Outlook Options dialog. Enter an optional label for your time zone into the "Label" field under Time Zones. For example, enter "Home" or the name of your current city. Select your time zone from the "Time Zone" drop-down box. To add another time zone to Outlook, check the "Show a Second Time Zone" box, enter a label and then select a time zone. Click the "OK" button to save your changes.

Change an Appointment's Time Zone

Create a new appointment, or open an existing appointment, in your Outlook calendar. Click the "Time Zones" command in the Options group of the Appointment ribbon. Two drop-down fields display the current time zone for the appointment to the right of the start and end time. Select a time zone for one of the drop-downs to apply it to the appointment's start and end time. If necessary, enter the other details for your appointment. Click "Save & Close."

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