How to Set the Time on an RCA CD Clock Radio

by Nick Davis
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Your RCA CD clock radio combines a number of features -- a clock, an AM/FM radio, a CD player and an alarm -- into one compact device. The CD player is ideal for playing commercial and burned CDs, and the alarm can be set to wake you with an annoying sound or with music. Like other clocks, you can manually set your RCA CD clock radio’s time and its alarm. The clock set function is accessible on the device’s front panel.

Step 1

Press the “Clock Set” button once to activate the clock time-setting mode. Press the forward button, which contains an icon of two arrows pointing to the right, to advance the clock’s time forward. Your RCA CD clock radio’s AM or PM indicator illuminates automatically when you advance the time pass 11:59.

Step 2

Press the backward button, which contains an icon of two arrows pointing to the left, to advance the clock’s time backward.

Step 3

Press and hold the forward or backward button to advance the time at a faster rate. Stop pressing the buttons when you reach the correct time.

Press the “Clock Set” button to exit the time-setting mode.


  • The Wake Time button activates your clock’s wake time-setting mode and works similar to the Clock Set button. Press the “Wake Time” button once to activate the mode and press the forward or backward button to set the time you want your clock’s alarm to sound. Press the “Wake Time” button again to exit the wake time-setting mode. Press the “Wake Mode” button to activate the alarm.


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