How to Set a Station on a Bose Radio

By Chris Waller

Bose Radios offer excellent sound quality, occupy minimal space and require no giant speakers or lengths of wire running throughout your house. The Bose radio plays CDs, MP3s, and FM and AM radio. Setting up your Bose radio is easy, and you can program stations so that you do not have to search through the dial every time you turn on the radio. The process is easy and quick, letting you get back to the music in a flash.

Turn on your Bose radio. Push the AM/FM button to switch to the radio if it's not there already.

Tune the radio to the frequency you want. This can be done in one of two ways. One method is to push the left or right tuner buttons until the dial reaches the desired station. If you do not know the frequency or are unfamiliar with the stations in your area, you can search for stations by holding down the tuner button until you hear a beep. Release the button and the radio will search for the next strong signal. Do this again to go to the next station.

Tune the radio to a frequency using one of the above methods. Once you have the station locked in and sounding clear, hold down the button of the preset station you want to program and wait for a beep. Once you hear it, release the button. The station is now programmed to that button.

To listen to a preset station, just push the button you have saved the station to. You can save six stations on both the FM and AM dials. Don't continue to hold down a preset button, as this will reprogram it to the frequency it's tuned to.