How to Set a Sanyo LCD TV

by J. Anthony Cooley

Setting up your new Sanyo LCD TV includes installing the stand, inserting the batteries into the remote, hooking up the power cord and antenna and setting up the initial start-up options. The whole process takes five minutes and requires the use of only a Phillips screwdriver.

Lay the TV on its back. Align the stand to fit into the bottom connections. The arrow mark on the stand base should be on the screen side of the TV. The stand only fits in one direction. Insert the stand screws into the bottom of the stand base and tighten them with a Philips screwdriver. Stand the TV up on the base.

Plug the female end of the electrical cord into the TV and plug the male end into the electrical wall outlet. Plug the antenna into the threaded RF connector. Remove the battery door on the remote and insert 3 AAA batteries into the battery chamber. Turn the TV on by pressing the "Power" button on the remote.

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to navigate the onscreen display. The start-up menu will ask you questions to set up the TV. Highlight your language and press the "Enter" button to make your selection. Choose between "Antenna" or "Cable" as your antenna source. After making your choice, the TV automatically searches for channels.


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