How to Set up Request Options in SAM Broadcaster

By John DeMerceau

Listeners can use any computer that is connected to the Internet to enjoy your radio station.
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SAM Broadcaster is a software package that is used for managing Internet radio stations. It transmits music files from a disk drive on a Windows personal computer to a streaming radio server. One of the most useful features of SAM Broadcaster is the ability for a user to set up a request system where listeners can request certain songs through the Internet radio station home page. You can set this feature up and configure it with the software's intuitive interface.

Step 1

Launch SAM Broadcaster by clicking the icon on your desktop; or by selecting it from the Program list of your Start menu in Windows.

Step 2

Click on "File" at the top left of the SAM Broadcaster toolbar and then click "Config" on the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 3

Click "Playlist rotation rules" in the sidebar of the Configuration dialog box and wait a second for the dialog box to appear.

Step 4

Verify that the last pull-down menu at the bottom of the Playlist rotation rules dialog box is set to the default value which is "Clockwheel (Category rotation) logic module v2.0.0" and then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Step 5

Click on "File" and then "Config" again. Click "Request policy" in the sidebar of the Configuration dialog box. The Request policy dialog box will appear almost immediately in the center of your screen. Check the "Enable requests" check box at the very top.

Step 6

Specify how many times the same listener can vote within a certain time span, using the up and down arrows next to the numerical fields in the top row; choose the number of minutes in the second field.

Step 7

Indicate the maximum number of times a day that a listener can vote, using the up and down arrows to change the default value of 10 in the second row.

Step 8

Use the up and down arrows in the third row to change the number of minutes that a listener request should be delayed.

Step 9

Tick the round radio box corresponding to your choice of what should be done after all of the rules you specified are followed - your choices are "Leave request in list," "Put request at bottom of queue" or "Put request at top of queue."

Step 10

Check or uncheck any of the check boxes on the four following lines -- depending whether you want the request to be checked against the album, artist, title or track repeat rule that you may have set up for your radio station. If you do not check any of these, then your listener's request will be played, even if it is a repeat of a track that you have already played recently.

Step 11

Enter the IP addresses, one address per line, that correspond to any servers that you use with your SAM Broadcaster, in the text field marked "Only accept requests from these IP addresses."

Step 12

Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the dialog box. Start operating your station: Click the "Play" arrow on either Deck A or Deck B -- according to your setup.