How to Set Up a Password to Delete Browsing History

by Diana Braun

The browsing history feature of web browsers allows users to return to a previously visited website without having to remember the exact URL. When the History panel of the browser is open, it displays websites visited by the day, week or month. Anyone that has access to your computer can delete the browser history if a password isn't set. To prevent others from deleting your browser history, create a password on your primary user account to prevent access.

Create a password protected account. Click the "Start" button located at the bottom of your desktop. Select "Control Panel," (click "Click View" from the left navigation if you are using Windows Vista) from the list and click on "Users."

Click "Create a password for your account." Enter a password in the "New password" box and retype your password in the "Confirm new password" box. Enter a password hint in the "Type a password hint" box. Click "Create Password."

Restart your computer for the account password to become enabled. Only individuals with the password to the administrator account will be able to delete a browsing history.


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