How to Set Up Your Own Live Webcam Website

By Julie Duncan

In a few steps you can broadcast a live webcam on your site.
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Do you have a marketing idea or just want to share your views live on your own website? Starting your own live webcam website may seem complicated, but you don't need to be a computer guru or have a degree in computer science to get your site off the ground. With a quality webcam, a microphone and a domain, you can start your own live webcam website.

Step 1

Research and choose a host for your website. There are a number of Web hosting providers available online, with varying costs and features. You should choose a host that provides unlimited space and traffic to support your live webcast. Many of these hosts also offer website building and technical support. When signing up with a host, you will be given the opportunity to choose a domain name, which will be checked for availability. If your domain name is taken, the site may give you similar alternative names that are available.

Step 2

Build your website with the tools provided by your host, or hire a professional Web designer to build the site.

Step 3

Download a media program with live encoder to webcast on your website. An example of a program with a live encoder is Adobe Flash Player.

Step 4

Embed the live encoder to your website by copying and pasting the code to your website through your account manager edit page. This code should be in HTML format. Paste the code on the website at the spot where you want the broadcast located.

Step 5

Set up your webcam and microphone. Either use your internal webcam and internal microphone or connect an external webcam and microphone to your computer.

Step 6

Open your media program with live encoder and click "Broadcast."