How to Set Up Your Own E-mail Newsletter

by Contributor

You can set up an e-mail newsletter, or "e-zine," that allows you to keep in touch with family or friends or even to attract subscribers with interests similar to yours. Well-promoted e-zines gain subscribers quickly; you may end up with thousands of subscribers if your topic is timely and your promotion is good.

Decide on the focus of your newsletter and its publication schedule.

You'll need an e-mail program capable of sending to groups or of using a BCC (blind carbon copy) function. If your list of subscribers is short, your ordinary e-mail program will work.

Add your list of subscribers to the Address Book Group function, or add the e-mail addresses to the Nicknames function.

Decide whether to send your e-mail newsletter in the body of an e-mail or as a file attachment. The advantage to using the body of an e-mail is that your subscribers will be able to read your message without having to install special software or plug-ins on their computers.

Write or assemble your newsletter.

Open a new e-mail message. Address it to the group name you've assigned, or address it to yourself and paste the subscribers' e-mail addresses in the BCC field.

Enter a subject that will allow the subscribers to recognize your newsletter.

Add your content or attach the file to the e-mail.

Click Send.


  • check Avoid using the To or CC field for addresses. These fields allow each subscriber to see the e-mail addresses of all other subscribers. This is both unsightly and unwise. It may allow spammers access to your subscribers' names and e-mail addresses.
  • check If you have a large number of subscribers, you may opt to purchase a bulk e-mail software program that will automate many of your administrative activities. If you use bulk e-mail software, consult the user manual for instructions.


  • close Very long newsletters may be rejected by some e-mail accounts. Shorter newsletters stand a better chance of being delivered.

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