How to Set a Nokia to Save on a Memory Card

By Brandon Getty

Enable your Nokia's memory card to increase storage capacity.
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Though newer Nokia models no longer provide the option for storage on an SD memory card, older models still accept SD memory cards with no problem. If you use your Nokia to play music files or view images, memory card storage will come in handy, allowing you to store more data files on your cell phone. Once you insert the card into the phone, all you'll need to do is enable a setting to begin writing files and data to the card.

Step 1

Lift the memory card panel on the back or side of your phone's casing. Insert the card into the slot.

Step 2

Access the "Options" menu from the phone's Home screen and choose "Format Memory Card." If you have formatted the card already to fit your specific phone, skip this step.

Step 3

Click the "Memory Card Name" option from the Options list. Select a name for the card that you will be able to recognize easily.

Step 4

Browse to a file, such as an audio track or a photo, that you wish to save to the memory card. Tap the "Save" option on the Home screen.

Step 5

Select "Save to Memory Card." Once you select this option, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to save items to the memory card in the future. Select "Yes" to enable memory card saving indefinitely.