How to Set an MP3 as a Ringtone on a Samsung

by David Wayne

Any MP3 file on your computer can be turned into a ringtone on most Samsung phones. You'll probably want to extract a small clip from the MP3 instead of using the whole file, which would consume considerable memory. Using an MP3 clip on your cell phone allows you to hear music every time the phone rings or an incoming text message is received. Add multiple MP3 clips and set a different ringtone for each caller in your "Contacts" list.

Using Brinked


Visit the free ringtone creation website Click "Browse" to upload a song from your computer or click "Search for YouTube video" to download an MP3 from YouTube. Click "Next Step."


Drag the sound-wave sliders to the starting and ending points of your file. The audio clip plays automatically. Click "Next Step" when you've selected the clip you want to use as a ringtone.


Name your ringtone clip and choose a category from the drop-down menu. Click "Next Step" to go to the download link. Click the link to download the ringtone to your computer.


Connect your card reader to a USB port on your computer and insert your memory card. Copy the ringtone clip to your memory card and insert the card into your Samsung phone.


Press the "Menu" button on your phone and go to "Settings -- Ringtones." Choose the clip on your memory card as your ringtone.



Navigate to the website. Click "Upload" to add a song to the ringtone editor.


Drag the sound-wave sliders to the starting and ending points of the clip you want to extract. Click "Make a Ringtone" and follow the links to the download page. Click the download link to copy the ringtone file to your computer.


Copy the downloaded ringtone to your memory card and insert the card in your cell phone. Press the "Menu" button. Go to "Settings -- Ringtones" and choose the ringtone download on your memory card to be your ringtone.

Using Create Ringtone


Download and install the Create Ringtone software from the website. Run the software.


Click the "My Music" folder icon in the upper left corner of the window to load files to the program. Drag the slider over a section of the song to select a clip from the file.


Click "Play" at the top of the window to hear the selection. Make any required adjustments to the selection and click "Save to Computer." Name the ringtone file and click "OK," then click "Exit."


Copy the ringtone file to your memory card and insert the card in your phone. Press "Menu" and "Settings -- Ringtones." Use the arrow keys to select the ringtone file on your memory card and press "Enter" to set the file as your ringtone.


  • check MP3s are not the best audio files to use as ringtones for all Samsung phones. On the SGH-i897, for example, OGG audio files are the default ringtone format.

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