How to Set a Motorola Droid Outgoing Calls to Private

by Maya Walker
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On occasional calls made from your Motorola Droid phone, you won't necessarily want the responder to see your direct phone number. You can use a per-call caller ID block to prevent others from seeing your caller ID information. If you prefer for your number to never be displayed, you can also activate the caller ID block feature through the Verizon Wireless website. When your number is blocked, it appears as “Private” or “Blocked Call” when you place a call.

Per-Call Basis

Step 1

Touch the “Phone” icon on the Motorola Droid from the Home screen.

Step 2

Enter “*67” followed by the 10-digit number you are calling.

Touch the “Call” icon to initiate the call with your caller ID information blocked.

Caller ID Blocking Feature

Step 1

Sign into your My Verizon online account from a computer. Register for an account, if an account hasn't already been created.

Step 2

Click “My Plan” tab, then click “Add/Change Features.”

Step 3

Check “Caller ID Blocking” to select the feature. Click “Next” to submit the addition of the feature to your line.

Click “Submit” to save your changes.


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