How to Set Margins for PDF Creator

By Joshua Laud

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Setting the margins when using PDFCreator is necessary if you want to maintain control over how the PDF file is saved. PDFCreator is a free PDF printer that will save a document as a PDF file from any program capable of printing a document. While PDFCreator can be used by any application, it is commonly used to save documents from word processing programs such as Microsoft Word to Adobe's PDF file format. PDFCreator doesn't control the margins; they are set within the application being used with PDFCreator.

Step 1

Open the document to be saved as a PDF for which you want to set the margins.

Step 2

Find the "Page Layout" or "Margins" option within the program with which PDFCreator will be used. In a Microsoft Office program, for example, click "Page Layout," then click "Margins." Choose a preset margin type such as "Normal," "Thin" or "Wide."

Step 3

Locate the "Custom Margins" setting in the program; this is often in the "Page Layout" or "Edit" menu within a program. In a Microsoft Office program, click "Custom Margins" to specify the margins. Amend the "Top," "Bottom," " Left" and "Right" boxes to set the desired margins. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Step 4

Click "File," then "Print," and choose "PDFCreator" from the list of printers that appears in the dialog box. Click "Print" to save the document as a PDF.