How to Set Up a Laptop to Display on Multiple Monitors

By Lysis

Dual monitors allow you to work on multiple applications at one time. A dual monitor setup extends the visible screen horizontally, so you can have a reference window on one side and a document open on the other screen. Once the two monitors are attached to the laptop, you can configure Windows Vista to set the display. Setting up a Windows Vista laptop can be done in the monitor configuration application.

Right-click on the desktop and select "Personalize." Click the "Display settings" icon in the configuration dialog box. This dialog box shows an image with two boxes that represent your two monitors.

Click the second box and select "Extend the desktop onto this monitor" option. Select the colors in the drop-down list. For most users, the "Highest 32-bit" setting gives the best display.

Slide the scrollbar all the way to the right in the section labeled "Resolution." Higher resolutions make icons smaller but also give the best detail.

Click the box labeled "1." Check the box that is labeled "This is my main monitor." This sets the first monitor as the main in case you decide to turn off dual-monitor settings.

Click the "Apply" button in the settings box. A preview is displayed. If you are happy with the settings, click "OK." Otherwise, click "Cancel" and start over.