How to Set Up an HP Officejet L7780 Printer for Wireless Use

by Steven Symes

Hewlett Packard's Officejet L7780 comes with an embedded wireless card, enabling the printer to connect to computers on a wireless network. As with a wired connection, you will need to install the printer's software and drivers on each computer you wish to connect to the printer. Setting up the Officejet L7780 for a wireless connection requires you to know the name of your network and the password, if the network is secured. You may configure the printer using either the printer's installation software or the printer's control panel.

Using Printer's Software

Pull the plastic cap off the printer's Ethernet port. Plug an Ethernet cable into the printer and your wireless router, switch or network hub.

Close down all programs that are open on your computer and insert the printer's installation disc in the computer's optical drive. Click the "Install" button in the window that appears automatically on your computer's screen, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Click on the radio button labeled "Wireless" in the section labeled "Connection Type." Click the "Next" button to continue the installation process. Remove the Ethernet cable from the back of the printer when the software prompts you to do so.

Using Control Panel

Turn on the L7780 by pressing the "Power" button until the button illuminates. Wait for the printer's display screen to display "Ready" before continuing.

Press the "Setup" button on the printer's control panel. Use the arrow buttons on the control panel to highlight "Network" on the display screen, then press the "Ok" button.

Use the arrow buttons to highlight "Wireless Setup Wizard" on the printer's screen, then press the "Ok" button again. Follow the instructions on the printer's display screen to complete the setup process.

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