How to Set the Time on a JVC Kd-G300 Car Stereo

By Jule Pamplin

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

JVC is a Japanese consumer electronics company that has sold car stereos in the United States and beyond for over two decades. The stereo systems that are manufactured show a great deal of resemblance to the JVC parent company, Kenwood. Setting the time on the JVC KD-G300 is one of the first operations you will need to perform after installing the stereo. The time setting mode of the stereo is negotiable using the same basic principles that allow you to perform may other tasks on the JVC stereo.

Step 1

Press and hold the select button on the face of the JVC stereo. The select button is in the center of the volume control knob.

Step 2

Press the forward or advance buttons, located on the bottom-left corner of the stereo face and labeled with arrows pointing in opposite directions, to select "CLOCK H" on the display. "CLOCK H" is the menu option that will allow you to adjust the hours of the time.

Step 3

Turn the volume control knob to change the hours. Press the forward/advance button to select "CLOCK M." Turn the volume control knob to change the minutes.

Step 4

Press the select button to close the time setting menu.