How to Set My iPhone Mail for Wi-Fi

By Kay Ireland

Don't fetch mail so often to conserve your data.
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Your iPhone comes ready to accept emails from your various email addresses. Whether you have Web-based email or use a work server, retrieving your emails is easy after the proper setup. However, constantly checking for emails without a Wi-Fi connection can eat up your data and cost extra money. If your data plan is limited, change the settings on your iPhone email to only fetch new emails when a Wi-Fi network is available.

Step 1

Set up your email by touching "Settings," then choosing "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and finally "Add Account."

Step 2

Select the type of email that you have. Enter your account information, including your email address and password, and choose "Next." Your iPhone may need to verify your ownership by sending an activation email to your specified email address. Click the link to activate your account.

Step 3

Select "Mail, Contacts and Calendar" once again, then select "Fetch New Data." Touch the "Push" button to turn Push capabilities off. Push automatically sends new email to your phone, which means it's constantly on and eating up data. Instead, choose "Manually" from the Fetch menu below. This means that new email will only be sent to your phone when you direct it yourself.

Step 4

Open your email when you know you have a Wi-Fi connection. Drag your finger downward to reach the top of your mail and initiate mail retrieval. Turn off your email when you're finished.