How to Set Up Internet Access on a New Windows Computer

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Access to the Internet will help you use your computer to its fullest capabilities and communicate with people and businesses all over the world.

Obtain software from an Internet service provider (ISP). Your computer may already have one or more such programs included on its hard disk. (If you want to find your own ISP, see the "How to Find a Good Internet Service Provider" under Related eHows.)

Follow the ISP's instructions for installing the software.

The installation program will most likely guide you through the process of registering and setting up your online account. You'll be asked to provide information such as your name, address and billing information. Once you've input your information, many ISPs will configure themselves automatically. If not, the ISP will provide instructions for what to do.

If the ISP has given you instructions for configuring Windows, you will first need to open the Internet Options control panel. Open the Start menu, then click Settings, then click Control Panel. Double-click Internet Options and click the Connections tab.

Your first step is to create a Connection file with the access phone number given you by the ISP. In the Dial-Up Settings pane of the window, click Add, then follow the instructions.

After you add the phone number, select the connection you just made, then click the Settings button.

Enter a name, password, and other information your ISP has given you.

Click Properties at the bottom of the box to set your server and TCP/IP settings, if you need to. (Again, your ISP will need to give you the precise information.) In the box that appears, click the Server Types tab and fill in the information requires. Click the TCP/IP Settings button to enter in Domain Name Server names and an IP address, if required.

Click OK to close all the boxes.


  • check Most ISPs should set themselves up automatically.
  • check Don't change any of this information if your ISP doesn't tell you to - you might not be able to connect properly.

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