How to Set the Home Screen for Android

by Steve Gregory

If you want to change the default Home screen on your Android phone, you can customize it using the features in the operating system. Android does not restrict you from organizing the system for easier navigation or customizing sections of the operating system to reflect your personal taste. An example of this is that you can add items to the Home screen that you frequently access and/or change the Home screen's Wallpaper to an image that you like.



Press the "Home" button, then press "Menu."


Tap "Wallpapers" from the list of options, then select "Wallpapers," "Live Wallpapers" or "Gallery." Select the option that has the wallpaper that you want to use on your Home screen. For example, select "Wallpapers" to choose a sample image that comes with your phone.


Scroll through the images from your selected option, then tap "Set Wallpaper," or "Save."

Manage Home Screen


Press the "Home" button, then press "Menu." Select "Add" from the list of options, then choose an item to add to the Home screen. A music player, search bar or folder are examples of items that you can add to the Home screen. If you want to relocate an item on your Home screen, tap and hold the item until it begins vibrating.


Drag the item to the new area on the Home screen, then release your finger. The item now occupies that location on the Home screen. If you want to remove an item from the Home screen on your phone, tap and hold the item to cause it to vibrate. The Launcher icon at the bottom of the screen turns into a Trash Can.


Drag the item that you want to remove into the Trash Can. The Trash Can turns red, signifying that the item is in it. Lift your finger to remove the item from your Home screen.

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