How to Set Up a PC Racing Game With a Steering Wheel & Pedals

By Derek King

PC steering wheels provide added realism in simulation driving games.
i steering wheel image by BaSSaBaS from

Simulation games attempt to mimic real life scenarios from the comfort of your home. Simulation PC racing games bring popular racing destinations from around the world to your computer screen. To increase the level of realism, these games can be controlled through the use of a steering wheel and pedals. Modern computer steering wheels feature the same usability as those found in automobiles. Use the additional gas, brake and clutch pedals to experience precise driving action.

Using the pedal's attached cable, connect it directly to the steering wheel using the wheel's open slot.

Turn on your personal computer, and wait for the operating system to completely boot up.

Locate the USB cord that is attached to the bottom of the steering wheel. Connect the end of that USB cord to your computer using any open USB slot. Wait to receive notification from your PC that new hardware has been attached to the device.

Insert the driver installation CD that was also provided with the steering wheel. When prompted, agree to all the terms and conditions. Click "Next" through all the prompts to complete the installation process. Once finished, remove the CD from the personal computer's CD-Rom drive.

Insert the PC racing game's CD into the computer. Once the game initializes, access the game's "Settings" page. Within the settings, navigate to the "Controls" options. Configure the settings of the steering wheel to your liking. Press "Save" to keep the changes made, and begin playing the game.