How to Set Friends & Family on Verizon Wireless

by Sampson Quain
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Verizon Wireless offers a number of smartphones and tablets with operating systems that include Android, Apple IOS, BlackBerry, Palm and Windows. The company also offers a variety of calling plans, including "Friends and Family," which allows you to add as many as ten numbers -- including home phones -- on any network, and lets you talk for as long as you want without using your airtime minutes. Verizon's website makes it convenient for you to add your new numbers.

Step 1

Visit Locate the top menu bar and click "My Verizon."

Step 2

Enter your user ID and password under the heading "Manage Your Account." Click "Sign In." If you have not previously set up your account, you will need to register by entering your mobile phone number and following the registration prompts, which include setting up your profile and creating a new password.

Click "My Services" and select "Friends and Family" to generate the phone list. Add the phone numbers of friends and family. You can also use this feature to delete numbers. The phone numbers you add will become effective the next day.


  • Outgoing calls and incoming calls from numbers that you add will not have unlimited airtime until the next day.
  • Only account owners can add and delete numbers on the friends and family list.
  • You cannot add directory assistance numbers, 900 numbers, numbers from Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico or the U.S. Virgin Islands or your own mobile phone number.
  • Some plans require a two-year minimum term, while others allow a month-to-month commitment. There is also an activation fee per line associated with these plans.


  • You can change the numbers on your "Friends and Family" list anytime you want.
  • If you select a plan with 900 anytime minutes or more, you can add as many as five friends and family. If you select a Family SharePlan with 1400 anytime minutes or more, you can add as many as 10 friends and family.


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