How to Set Favorite Stations For XM Radio

By Contributing Writer

Updated July 21, 2017

With the overwhelming choice of XM radio stations it is very important to set your favorite stations. Having your favorite stations set for XM radio will prevent you from having to look at the display screen as you drive or try to do something else. You will just be able to press one button and find your favorite music on your favorite XM stations. Choosing which stations to set as your favorites for XM radio is much harder then it is to set them. Follow these steps to set your favorite stations for XM radio.

Turn on your XM radio. Place your XM radio into favorites mode by pressing the "Fav" button. Your XM radio has 2 modes, direct and favorite. Direct mode lets you use your number buttons to type in what station to go to.

Scrolling to the first favorite station of your XM radio on your list. Press the enter key so that this XM radio station starts playing for you to hear it.

Choose which favorite button that you would like this XM station to be set to. Press and hold this button until the display says that this favorite button has been set to the XM station as your favorite.

Continue through your list of favorite stations for your XM radio and repeat Steps 2 to 4 for each favorite station. If you have more favorite XM stations then buttons available, you will need to prioritize which XM stations will get to be set as a favorite.


Place favorite XM radio stations that you use most often at the beginning of the favorite buttons so that they are easier to get to.


If more then one person uses your XM radio allow each person to have at least 2 favorite XM station buttons. Don't forget about the kids, let them have a favorite button too.