How to Set Up Speed Dial on an AT&T Land Line

By Matthew Vehon

Speed dial allows instant access to commonly contacted numbers. It eliminates the hassle of digging out an address book to look up the number. AT&T offers two different types of speed dial for landlines. There is a speed dial listing for up to eight numbers, and one for up to thirty. Both can be set up on the same line, and which one you set up is determined by the number you dial during set up. Once speed dial is set up, you just pick up the phone and press the one or two digit number associated with the number you want to call.

Dial "74#." If your original provider is Qwest, SBC or Verizon, dial "*74" instead.

Press a number between 2 and 9. Then enter the phone number you wish to save for that speed dial. Hang up and repeat the same process for additional numbers.

Dial "75#" or "*75" if you have more than eight numbers that you wish to program into speed dial. Calling this number allows you to enter up to 30 contacts into speed dial for the numbers 20 through 49.