How to Set Up a Comcast Digital Converter Box

by Greyson Ferguson
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When subscribing to Comcast digital cable, you must have the digital receiver connected directly to your TV. This is required because it unscrambles the high-tier programming stations (such as HBO and Cinemax). The receiver also contains the provided DVR. Although a service technician can hook up the equipment, it may cost you extra, and you'll have to wait for the installer to come to your home. Thus, knowing how to set up the receiver to your own television is essential.

Step 1

Connect the cable running from the wall into the "In" port on the rear of the Comcast digital box.

Step 2

Plug the component video cables into the red, green and blue "Component Out" ports on the digital box. Attach the free ends of the cables into the "Component In" ports on the television.

Step 3

Insert the RCA audio cables into the "Audio Out" ports on the Comcast digital box, then attach the free ends of the cables into the "Audio In" ports on the TV.

Power on the television and the Comcast digital box. Set the TV's input option to "Component Video" and the cable programming loads onto your TV screen.


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