How to Set the Bypass on an ADT Alarm

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 18, 2017

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ADT utilizes many different alarm brands and models for their home security systems. Bypassing your ADT alarm system’s zones requires identifying the brand name and following the directions for the alarm system type.

Determine Alarm Brand and Model Number

Look at your alarm system and locate both the brand name and the model number. Common brand names for ADT alarm systems include Ademco, DSC, Simon and Safewatch. The model number is typically located on the front or back of your alarm system, but may also be on the bottom or side of it. Both the brand name and model number are important to know as different model numbers have different bypass methods. Once you have the alarm brand name and model number you can move on to the specific instructions for your alarm below.

Bypass Ademco Alarms

Disarm your Ademco alarm system by first typing in your security code. Then press the “Bypass” key on your alarm system. Enter the zone number that you would like to be bypassed. Examples of alarm zone numbers are 06, 10, 13, 05, etc. Place a zero before a single digit zone number. Each alarm zone number refers to a particular alarm zone in your home. You can enter multiple zone numbers at once and when you are finished entering the zone numbers the alarm keypad will display a “Bypass” message. Arm your system and these zones will be intentionally unprotected. Repeat this same process to disable the bypass.

Bypass DSC Alarms

As with Ademco alarms, DSC alarms must first be disarmed with your security code. Press the “” key to access the function menu and then press the "" key to access the zone bypass section. Press either the “1” or “*” key followed by your access code. Type in the two-digit zone number and then wait for the keypad to display the zone bypass message. Repeat this process for any other zones you want to bypass. Press “#” to return to a ready state on your alarm and then arm your system again to have these zones bypassed. Repeat this same process to re-enable the alarms.

Bypass Simon Alarms

Simon’s alarms utilize a touchscreen interface to arm and disarm the system. Bypass Simon alarms by tapping the “Settings” button and then tapping “Select” next to “Direct Bypass”. Type in your master security code and then tap the “Bypassed” icon next to each sensor that you would like to bypass. Press the “Home” button on the alarm to save the bypass settings. You can later reverse the bypass by pressing the “Not Bypassed” icon next to each sensor that you would like to not bypass.


If none of the above directions work for bypassing your alarm or you don't see your model number listed above, visit the Resources link below to access ADT's full alarm system manuals library.