How to Set Adobe to Print to File

by Alex Lubyansky

Adobe Reader contains many features that enhance your ability to interact with PDF files. One such feature involves printing to file. This process allows you to create a file rather than print a physical copy from a printer. You can print to file with ease by using the built-in functionality of the Adobe Reader program.

Open Adobe Reader. Go to "File." Click "Open." Browse to a PDF file and open the file.

Click "File." Click "Print." A print menu will pop up. You can choose certain pages of the file or the entire document.

Click the "Print to File" box at the bottom left of the print menu. A check mark will appear in that box. Click "OK" to print the project. A progress bar will emerge. After the progress bar fills, enter an "Output File Name." Type the desired name for the project and click "OK." Adobe will create a file rather than print a physical copy of the PDF.


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