How to Find the Service Tag Number on a Dell Computer

By Kenyonda Bradley

It's easy to dind the service tag number on a Dell computer.
i laptop image by Du...¬°an Zidar from

Locating the service tag on your Dell computer or laptop is essential in the event that your laptop needs servicing. The service tag number identifies your computer to the Dell technician or support representative. The number is linked to your account and provides warranty information about your product. Each time your computer is serviced the information is updated in Dell's database. This provides a record for the next technician who services your product.

Turn off your laptop and flip it upside down. For desktop computers turn the workstation backwards.

Locate the sticker on the back of your computer. It is usually white, but the color can vary.

Locate the seven alphanumeric character on the sticker. Next to these it will say, "Service Tag".