How to Get Free Service on Sirius Radio

by Stephen Lilley

Sirius Satellite Radio (now officially called SiriusXM after merging with rival XM Satellite Radio) is a type of digital radio service that provides hundreds of dedicated channels of content. Sirius Radio requires either an Internet connection or a compatible receiver (either for your home or car) to work. If you want to get free service on Sirius Satellite Radio (albeit temporary free service), you have a few options.


Go to the main Sirius web page (see References).


Click on the "Get 30 Days Free" button on the right side of the main page.


Enter your credit or debit card information as well as a billing address for the card you are using. This will sign you up for a free 30-day trial of all that Sirius has to offer. It is important to note that you can cancel any time within the 30-day trial and not be charged, but if you fail to cancel you will immediately be charged for a month of service at the beginning of the next billing cycle.


Download the official Sirius iPhone application. iPod Touch and iPhone users have the ability to download a free application that allows them to tune into Sirius content on their portable devices. By downloading this application, you are also greeted with a complimentary free seven-day trial of the complete service. The trial does not require a credit or debit card, but simply a valid email address.

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