How to Find the Service Provider for a Cell Phone Number

By Emily Manthei

Play detective to find out which carrier a cell phone customer uses.
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Although cell phone numbers are becoming more ubiquitous than home numbers, they can also be more anonymous. The holder of a number can live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the area code, or the number can be ported to a different service provider. Online services, including some service providers' own websites, can identify a number by original service provider or current service provider. Find out if your friends are in your network using these search options.

Numbers in Any Network

Go to the Telephone Number Identification search website by following the link in the Resources.

Type the cell number, including the area code, into the top search box.

Click "Search" to see the results.

Numbers in AT&T Network

Login to your AT&T mobile account to find out if other numbers are in your network. You must be an AT&T customer to use this function.

Click on the "Voice and Data Usage" or "Rate Plan" page once you reach your home screen.

Find the "Mobile to Mobile Tool" in the right column of the page and click on it.

Enter the cellular number and click "Search" to find out if the number is in your network.

Numbers in Verizon Network

Enter the Verizon web address in the Resources to search for numbers in the network.

Enter the number you wish to search for in the search field. Enter up to three separate numbers in one search.

Click the "Submit" button to see the results.