What Are the Server Settings for POP3 for MTS?

by Nicholas Smith

Manitoba Telecom Services is an Internet service provider serving Canadian customers. You can configure your e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail, to use the MTS account. You need your account's server settings, along with your email address and password to check the account using an email application. MTS uses Post Office Protocol technology to allow you to check your accounts in an email application.

Post Office Protocol

MTS allows you to configure your email account using POP3 settings, or "Post Office Protocol" settings. Essentially, POP3 allows you to check your MTS email accounts in third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail without having to login to the MTS email website

POP3 Sever Components

When configuring your MTS email account in a third-party application you must enter a series of settings. The settings include your email address and password, along with the MTS incoming and outgoing server settings, ports and security settings. Fortunately, MTS provides all this information, which allows you to configure your accounts without having to call MTS customer service. You will have to call customer service, however, if you do not remember your email address or password.

Email Address and Password

When you signed up for Internet service through MTS, you were given an email address and required to create a password. Your email address begins with a usename you picked followed "@mts.net." For example, if your username is "mtsusername," your email address is "mtsusername@mts.net".

Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers

The incoming mail server is "pop3.live.com" and the outgoing email server is "smtp.live.com." The outgoing mail server required authentication. Select this option in the program you are configuring. For example, select "Outgoing mail server requires authentication" in Windows Mail.

Advanced Server Settings

You must also enter server port numbers and select the option that connects to the server through a secure connection. The outgoing mail server port is "587," while the incoming server port is "995." In Windows Mail, for example, in addition to entering these port numbers, select "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)". Otherwise you will not be able to establish a connection to the servers.

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