Server Administration Duties

By Alexis Writing

Server administration includes many duties.
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A career as a server administrator can be challenging and rewarding. A server administrator is responsible for the operation and maintenance of an office server or network. In most businesses, a server administrator works in the information technology (IT) department and has many roles and responsibilities.

General Requirements

A server administrator has many job functions which vary from one organization to another. Generally, however, server administrators are responsible for the installation, support and maintenance of a computer system or server. Centralized servers are data sources for a company, and making sure they run smoothly is critical. Avoiding server downtime through scheduled maintenance, ensuring server security, and assisting staff in connecting to the server are all important duties of server administration. Backing up server data is also a duty of service administration personnel.

Project Management and Supervision

Other job functions may include systems-related project management, the supervision and training of staff working with computers, troubleshooting server malfunctions and consulting on problems too complex for technical support. This can involve interfacing with both novice computer users and with advanced technical support and computer sales people. Thus, those in server administration need to be able to explain computer usage and function on a level the layperson can understand. They also must cope with more technical aspects of server management.

Management Duties

Server administrators often must manage the server operating system, maintain integrity of the server performance, install and configure new software and updates, troubleshoot any problems, and update user account information (add/delete users and reset passwords). They also must perform routine backups; integrate new technologies; manage networks; and apply updates, patches, and configuration changes to the operating system.