How to Separate Tracks on a CD with All the Songs Combined

by Alexander Rudinski

If you have a large audio file, like a recording of an opera or a recording of a live performance by a band, you'll want to split the single file up into several tracks when burning to a CD. This allows the listener to move back and forth between songs, and also offers a helpful separation between tracks that allows the reader to identify the songs based on track number.

Import your audio file from your recording device onto the computer.

Open the audio file in an audio editing program, such as ProTools, Audacity (see Resources), SoundBooth, or Soundtrack Pro.

Select all of the audio except for the first song.

Delete the selected audio. Alternatively, if your program allows you to export only the selected audio, select each song individually and export them. This will save you the trouble of deleting and reopening the file each time.

Export the remaining audio, which will make up one track, in the format you will use for burning the CD, be it MP3, WAV, AIFF or AAC.

Repeat this process for each song until you have each song from the original recording saved as an individual track.

Using CD authoring software like Nero, Toast, iTunes or Windows Media Player, burn all your tracks to the CD. During this process, name each of the tracks with the songs title, attach the artist name, and give the album a name.

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