How to Separate Audio From Video in Final Cut Pro (10 Steps)

By Andrew Schrader

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i Image courtesy of Apple

When you add clips to the Timeline in Final Cut Pro X, the audio and video portions are automatically added. You may separate the audio and video before adding audio or video to your Timeline by setting the edit mode. There are three edit modes: audio only, video only and both audio and video. If using Final Cut Pro 7, you can separate audio and video by unlinking them in the Timeline.

Final Cut Pro X

Step 1

Open Final Cut Pro X. Connect your camera or device to your computer with the cable that came with the device. Turn your device on.

Step 2

Click the "File" menu option at the top of the Final Cut Pro X window and select "Import." Click "Media."

Step 3

Select your import device from the Cameras window on the left, if required, to view all the clips on your device.

Step 4

Highlight the desired clip in the Media Import window. Click "Import Selected."

Step 5

Click the "Add to existing event" option to add to an existing event, or create a new event by clicking "Create New Event." Type a name for the event, and choose a save location on your computer. Click "Import."

Step 6

Open the Event containing the desired audio and video clip.

Step 7

Choose the "Audio Only" or "Video Only" option from the Edit menu in the toolbar. Drag and drop the clip's icon from the Event Browser to the Timeline to add only audio or video.

Final Cut Pro 7

Step 1

Open a new or existing project in Final Cut Pro 7. Launch a new Finder window and locate the clip you want to import.

Step 2

Drag and drop your clip's icon from Finder to the timeline in Final Cut Pro 7.

Step 3

Highlight the clip's icon. Press "Command + L" on your keyboard to unlink the audio and video portions of the clip.