Sending a Photo to Facebook on a Verizon LG Cosmos

by Maya Walker

Like many Facebook users, you may want to share those cute moments you captured of your favorite kid or pet with your friends and family. If you use a Verizon LG Cosmos, you can send photos from the phone to the social networking site. Facebook assigns each registered user a special email address that is used to upload photos and other media files. By sending your photos via multimedia messages to the site, you can share your kid's latest feat in minutes with your friends.


Press the “Menu” key on your Verizon LG Cosmos phone from the home screen.


Click “Media Center,” then “Mobile Web” to launch a Web browser.


Press the “Menu” key and select “Go To.” Enter “” in the indicated field and click “Go.”


Log in to your Facebook account.


Click “Photo,” then “Upload Via Email” to display a special email address. Write down the email address. Press the “End” key to close the browser.


Click “Media Center,” then “Pictures.” Click “My Pictures” to view the photos stored on your phone.


Highlight the photo you want to send to Facebook. Click “Options” to view management options for the photo.


Click “Send,” then “Picture Message.” Enter the special email address you obtained on the Facebook site into the “To” field. Click “Send.”


  • close Ensure you have a data plan before sending photos to Facebook from your LG Cosmos phone. You may incur a fee for data usage for each photo you send.

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