How to Send a YouTube Video Through Email

by David Mallisk
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Each video file posted on YouTube has its own hyperlink, which is the Internet address through which anyone can view that video. As with any hyperlink, you can share a YouTube hyperlink. Simply copy the Web address of a YouTube video, paste it into an email and then send it to whomever you wish.

Step 1

Go to the YouTube website (see Resources) and open the video that you wish to share through email. If have a YouTube account, you can log in and then search for a video in your playlists.

Step 2

Click "Share" (immediately below the video box) to display the highlighted URL of your current video. The highlighting indicates that you have selected the hyperlink so that you can copy it.

Step 3

Press "Ctrl-C" to copy the hyperlink of your selected video to the clipboard.

Step 4

Open your email application, open a new email message and then address it to whomever you wish to send the hyperlink. You can send it to multiple recipients.

Step 5

Add introductory text to your email, such as "I hope you enjoy this excellent performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto 24. Here's the link:'' Below that text, place the insert cursor wherever you wish to paste the hyperlink.

Press "Ctrl-V" to paste the hyperlink from the clipboard into your email, verify that you have titled your message and then send your email.


  • YouTube permits sharing its hyperlinks through email, but does not permit downloading, copying or sharing its content. Therefore, you may send a YouTube video hyperlink through email, but you may not send a YouTube video file.


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