How to Send a Free Yahoo! E-Card Greeting

By Jimmy Boyd

Loved ones can send online e-card greetings for all occasions.
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The Internet provides many convenient ways to keep in touch with friends and family. Yahoo! and American Greetings run a joint service to help keep friends and family closer with Yahoo! e-card greetings. Anyone who wishes to send a greeting must sign up first for a free trial. You can then select e-cards and customize the greeting messages. You can send as many free e-cards as you want during the trial period.

Click the "Sign In" button on the Yahoo! Greetings page. You must click "Sign In" whether or not you have an existing Yahoo! account. Sign in if you have an existing account or create a new Yahoo! account if you do not have one. Click on the "Join Now" button on the Yahoo! Greetings page after you have logged in or created a new Yahoo! account. You must do both the "Sign In" and "Join Now" procedures to send e-cards.

Click on the "Join Now" button in the "Ecard Membership" offer section on the Yahoo! Greetings subscription page. You may sign up for a trial period to send free Yahoo! e-card greetings.

Fill out the subscription pages. Enter payment details to activate the two-week trial period and send Yahoo! e-card greetings for free. As of 2010, the subscription rate is $15.99 per year. You can cancel before the trial period is over to avoid paying any subscription fees. Register with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or electronic check.

Use the "Find It Quick" or "Occasions" function on the Yahoo! Greetings page to select the kind of online greeting card you want. You can also search cards by recipient and card style with the "Find It Quick" function. Click on the "View Ecards" button when using the "Find It Quick" function to see the e-cards that match your selections.

Click on the card you want and then the "Personalize and Send" button. Type in the information requested and a personal message for the greeting card. Enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma or semicolon to send the Yahoo! e-card to multiple recipients. Click the "Deliver This Ecard" drop-down menu to select a date when you want the e-card to be delivered. You can send it up to one year from the date you create the card. Click the "Send Your Ecard" button to schedule the card for mailing.

Call or write to cancel your membership. You must call or write before the two-week trial is over to avoid the yearly subscription fee. Use the following contact information: Attn: Customer Service One American Rd. Cleveland, OH 44144 866-228-2434