How to Send Videos From a Computer to Your Cell Phone

By Lindsay Howell

Sharing and transferring video files is easier than ever in today's age of evolving technology. If you want to transfer a video file from your computer's hard drive to your smartphone, you can do so in a few clicks of a mouse. This makes sharing the video with friends and family convenient and allows you to send the file from your phone to anyone on your contacts list.

Step 1

Connect your smartphone to your computer via the USB cable that came with the device, or insert your phone's microSD card into your computer's card reader slot. Both ways of connecting the device will allow you to transfer data from the computer.

Step 2

Look for a message display in your taskbar telling you that new hardware has been detected. Click on the message to view the phone's storage drive or SD card. If you do not see a message, click on "Start," then "Computer" and look for the drive in "Devices with Removable Storage."

Step 3

Open the folder on your computer's hard drive where you have stored the video file that you want to transfer to your phone.

Step 4

Click on the video file and drag it to the phone's storage device. This will move the file from the computer to your phone.

Disconnect your phone from your computer or remove the SD card once you see a message in your taskbar telling you that it is safe to remove the hardware.