How to Send Tweets to Lists

By Christina Martinez

Send tweets to a specific list of those you follow.
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The micro-blogging site Twitter allows users to send short "tweets" to each other. Twitter has several other features that include messaging directly with other users, posting pictures, posting links and separating users into specific lists. Send tweets to a specific list by using the "mention" or "reply" feature which is depicted with an "@" symbol.

Step 1

Type like you would a regular tweet.

Step 2

Use the mention feature if you want to send a tweet to a specific list. This will link you to that list.

Step 3

Format your tweet like this: @username/listname. The username is the creator of the list to whom you want to send a tweet. For example: @creator/listexample.

Step 4

Follow with a space and then type your tweet. It will look like this: @creator/listexample Hello, just tweeting to a list here.

Step 5

Send your tweet and it will appear in that specific list.